1. Alani Nu tastes great but unfortunately it did Nothing for me and I took a little more than even a full scoop. Excited to maybe try the other ones! Really want to find something that works!

  2. Great video! I too use both prolific and alani nu pre workouts at the suggestion of these fitness girls I follow on Insta. I used prolific first and liked it a lot but it gave me super cracked out feeling/jitters like I was gonna jump out of my skin and I was more tired after my workout, but no itchy tingly feeling which I liked. The alani nu didn't give me that crackhead feeling and I still have a lot of energy after my workout. I used prolific cotton candy and rainbow candy alani nu and they both taste really good, alani nu tastes better in my opinion. I agree that they are both great pre-workouts but I like alani better as well! Thanks for the reviews!

  3. i saw you using resistance bands, i definitely recommend you looking at gracefituk because she has THE BEST ones and i am sooo obsessed with them! LOVED this video, so helpful ✨

  4. Prolific and Alani Nu pre-workouts are both calorie, carb and sugar free, what is listed on the container is what is in them. Both companies claim to not to use added fillers like sugar and just supplements. 🙂
    I've been using Prolific for a year now and I still love it! All the flavors I've tried have been good and it's on Amazon Prime. 🙂

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