1. I’m on day 3 of your “Get Strong, Stay Sassy” guide and I’ve honestly had @$$ kicked the past few days! It’s crazy how changing your routine can allow you to see instant results by activating muscles you may have been neglecting! Also, T-U-T is killer! Thank you for making these guides.

  2. i seriously love how your day ended up going differently than planned and yet you still went for it with all the mods + recording the video..lol at the people watching you on the last one. honestly, thats my life most of the time as i work remotely and am constantly traveling – trying new gyms.

  3. Holy F*&$!!!! I needed a cardio burn leg day and this did not disappoint!!! I'm dripping sweat and my legs are on fire! Also, that split stance by thrust is FIRE!!!! I could barely get through it w the weight I normally use. Thanks for the sample of your workout!! ❤❤❤

  4. Hanna, thank you so much for posting this sample video…I died happily?? ?? I was not sure of getting your guide because the 5 workouts/week scared me but hell yeah…this is how workouts should be done every single time ??

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