1. Can you please make some videos on how to use the equipment at the gym. I just started going to the gym on Monday is so far my experience been very uncomfortable. I don't have anybody to go to the gym with and I hate going to the gym by myself. Its seems like people are always watching and laughing because I don't know how to use some of the equipment instead of offering help. Really makes me want to give up but I needed to get rid of these extra pounds I put one over the holidays. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  2. I just subscribed to your channel. Do you got a video doing squats with free weights? Also do you recommend doing forward lunges? Sometimes it's a struggle trying to maintain form without almost tripping.

  3. Good video except the smith machine calf raises. There was an excessive amount of bouncing causing momentum to interrupt proper form. Unless this is some scientific way of improving activation in the calves I do not believe the exercise was performed properly.

  4. Thanks got this.i just started working out at planet fitness, all the machines can be intimidating cause I dont know what to use. This really helps! SW 158.8 CW 155.4 GW 128. 5 Days in, I can do this! Gonna be happy to say hello to my 33rd Birthday in October!

  5. Good video 😎👍 I train at Planet Fitness and the women and young bloods like your self seem to be what PF was created for. You use good weight and great form. My complaint is with the old dudes who are getting back into lifting or think they are the biggest guys there. Omg, it is PF , and not a Golds gym. I see guys who are there for attention rather then to really workout. I wish more guys respected the gym like you do.

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