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  12. 1.cut out sugar.
    2.keep standing whenever it's possible to keep ur posture perfect so that oesophagus doesn't twist.
    3.take green coffee or tea… Prefer green coffee
    4.take green coffee with a fruit (not cutted) for evening snack.
    5.replace ur beverages with healthy options like black coffee, green tea, curd etc.
    6.suppose u r outside u can't carry food then take dry fruits, fruits, idilli sambhar.
    7.keep stock of dry fruits, green coffee with urself.
    8.drink a lot of water.
    9.use food additive which can help u loose weight…. Like turmeric, clove, black pepper etc.
    10.juice of ginger garlic or lemon can be used…… Don't eat them after heating because that will end their weight loose properties.

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