1. this video is incredible! i've been interested in learning to swim freestyle properly & i am a kind of person who has hard time understanding any sort of exercise instructions, but these were all so clearly explained! thank you for this video

  2. Is this best swimming video ever? I watched it 10 times and still think so… I'll pass it on to as many people as I can.. Thanks for taking the time and putting the effort to produce such a masterpiece….

  3. Dear viewers, what do you think about "Lifting head for taking a breath" part?
    I've seen lot of tutorials about breathing but no one ever have told you need to hold forward arm in front of you while breathing! Yes, you have to breath as fast as possible between strokes (the reason is human body does not work powerful while inhaling) but to hold arms frozen is an typical "styer's error", you have to move your arms faster, that's the goal.

  4. Lifting your head while breathing is the worse because it increases drag and it also leads to the 2nd mistake: arm stroke while breathing. As far as the 1st mistake is concerned, I think it is a "serious" mistake if you want to swim fast or if you are interested in performances. Definitely, you will lose speed at every stroke you take. But if you swim leasurely it does not affect your form so much (as opposed to mistake n.1 and n. 2). Having said that the "low elbow" is a mistake and it should be fixed anyway. For a fair number of swimmers it is caused by the lack of shoulder flexibility or pain in their shoulders joints that prevents them to perform the correct "high elbow" arm stroke.

  5. thank you! I've improved tremendously my freestyle in the past months but this helped me calrify some doubts I had been having that needed to be addressed. Now I'm excited to try my corrections tomorrow in my training session.

  6. Hey man; love the videos. Very informative, concise and technical. I was wondering if you could cover a video on swimming underwater? What is most efficient? For the Marine Corps I need to do atleast 2 laps without resurfacing. Big lungs help but being efficient and swift is also important but I've never had a lesson on underwater swimming.

  7. From my point of view, You have done absolute perfect work with this video. There is a lot of teacher, trying to teach how to practice the swimming …but the point here is to show us exactly "what to do" like here, to move forward. Thanks a lot!

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