1. Love these back workouts! I'm always working on abs so its nice to be able to round it out with a good back workout for a strong core! I would love a good abs and back combined workout!

  2. I don’t know how I ended up here after a GoT video, but why not instead of perfect hair and makeup, you show whoever these videos are made for actual sweat and real resistance? This is like a beginner yoga class for elderly people with injuries.
    But yeah the girls are pretty. Good job with that I guess

  3. Can you explain why a lighter weight is chosen vs a heavier weight? Love this workout!! And also for the one before army crawler I find myself putting my back into it too much by pulling myself up. How can i fix this?

  4. Love this arm workout I’ve been doing your work for couple months love handles and wise area tummy are my areas I’ve been working out I walk bout every day will you been doing any half hr upper body on ytube this were I do my workout

  5. Hey Katie, I really have a problem trying to eat healthy, because when I eat healthy then I think “oh I’m gonna eat healthy from now on so I can make a little exception” and eat something super unhealthy. I keep doing that and I’m ending up eating way more unhealthy when I’m trying to eat healthy than I would normally. PLEASE HELP!!!

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