1. Good work Emma. Nice to see you running again. Keep it up! I’m 38 and it’s often difficult getting out the door on a run. Your videos help keep me motivated. Thank you.

  2. Emma, have your teams in the past done warm up drills on the track on their own spread out? My current team do them all in unison next to each other 😂 Idk why I just thought that was interesting

  3. Been following you for a while Emma, this takes me back to my sprinter days, although we had different workouts. Sometimes I had workouts with the "long distance" guys and it was funny how I could smoke them in the 100s, 200s, but I had NO chance in the 800s ot up to 5k.

    PS: Wish I could eat all the amazing food you show us, Being old is hard, Wish I was young and able to eat anything I want without fetting Fat =P

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